About Us

Viapp specializes in building websites and highly customized software tailored to an organization's unique business needs and processes. When it comes to your next business idea, whether it's a start-up business looking for a client management program or an existing business that needs an Internet overhaul, Viapp is here to help! As experts in software and web development, we take pride in our programming proficiency. After all, it is this time-tested experience and expertise that forms the foundation of secure, reliable, and easy-to-use software and web sites. From large-scale content management systems, to small database driven forms, we are eager and capable of creating winning projects of any size.

The Viapp's approach to custom application development offers the following additional benefits:

  • Companies that are moving mission critical business functions to the Internet are often faced with a choice between using an off-the-shelf software package or a custom developed web application.

  • While integration of off-the-shelf business applications such as sales automation, customer relationship management, content management and accounting greatly reduces cost and time-to-market, it often requires changes to existing business processes.

  • By outsourcing custom application development, you can redirect internal IT resources to other projects. Because custom applications are built around open standards they form a base for future architectural and functional enhancements. Through outsourcing you can tailor the level of expertise you need, when you need it, without paying full-time salaries and benefits.

Our Application Framework

We analyze your requirements and deliver scalable, well-documented and easy maintainable web applications. Before we finalize and deliver your project we have gone through the following steps:

  • Functional specification - We gain an in-depth understanding of your business objectives, product requirements and produce a detailed description of the required functionality.
  • Product and technology evaluation - We evaluate commercially available software products, as well as existing databases and web-based systems in order to determine the most effective method of fulfilling your project requirements.
  • Technical specification - Once the functional specification is agreed upon, we create a technical specification, which describes in detail how your application will work.
  • Development - Based on the technical specification, we develop your application integration solution according to a precise schedule of milestones and deliverables.
  • Project management - We manage the process of meeting those milestones; assuring the deliverables is produced on time.
  • Implementation - After rigorous testing, we launch your integrated application solution and work closely with your IT staff to ensure its effective integration into your business processes.

Our Web Development Framework

Viapp provides custom web development services for all your website needs ranging from basic business informational site to e-commerce and content management websites. We provide web development services to the following areas:

  • Business Informational Websites
  • Personal Websites (Blogging, Portfolio)
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Restaurant Websites
  • Community, Church, Non-profit Organizations
  • Air booking & Travel Agency Sites
  • Attorneys & Law office Websites
  • Health care/Hospital Websites
  • Education/School Websites
  • Government Websites
  • News and Media Websites
  • Hotel, Bed & Breakfast Websites
  • Information Technology Websites
  • Entertainment Websites
  • Games and Sports Websites
  • Dating, Matching & Matrimonial Websites